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The highlands of Dalder, also known as the Barrier, serve as one of the Rindorian Empire’s foremost defenses against the threat of the Delionese to the south. With its narrow mountain passes and natural hazards, many a careless wanderer has met his doom in the Dalderian crags, falling prey to landslides, predators and other threats therein. The people of the mountain ranges have learned to be as unrelenting and stubborn as the land that bred them, proving themselves worthy members of the Rindorian Alliance.


Dalder consists of a large mountain range located on the southeastern border of the Rindorian Empire. Being an area of fairly high altitudes for the most part, the winters therein can be harsh, snow a common occurency from late September to early March in springtime.
During summertime, Dalder’s valleys are teeming with life, the scent of blooms and fruits in the air.
During the winter season, snow usually blankets the land, and food is scarce for those who have not been active during the harvest. Game is plentiful even during the unforgiving winters though, hares, grouses and other mountain-dwelling wildlife thriving even as the snow falls and vegetation withers for the season.
Only a few mountain passes lead in and out of Dalder itself, the rest of it a near impenetrable barrier of steep cliffs. These passes are for the most part heavily guarded by the many fortifications constructed hundreds of years ago, still standing just as strong today as they did in centuries past.


The inhabitants of Dalder are a tough lot, taught at an early age to endure the many hardships of the mountain ranges they call home. They learn from an early age to accept the harsh realities of life, and that patience is among the most valuable of virtues.
Dalderians are accustomed to waiting for the good things in life, merciless winters often followed by the brightest of springs.


Galdon Ibinoth