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Delion is one of the two massive nations dominating the continent of Galdon, the
other one being Rindor. Delion is an empire spanning across the southern part of
the continent, from the borders of Rindor to the great southern sea.
Known for its sunny climate, long summers and hospitable populace, Delion is
a mish-mash of southern cultures congregated primarily in the great, golden
river cities.


Delion is a vast geographical area, mostly consisting of flatlands of great, grassy
plains, occasionally interrupted by pockets of woodland and numerous rivers running
through the land.
Originally a cluster of smaller nations, they united under the rule of the divine empress
Selienne eight centuries ago, and has since set their eyes on sharing the vision of their
religion to all the corners of the world. Currently, the empire of Delion includes the former
tribal nations of Delion itself, as well as the currently independent, but allied nations of
Teliore and Nanbi.
Delion is a rich land, with vast, flat areas suitable for farming, and also contains rich
deposits of gemstones and precious metals. However, hard metals are rare, and they rely
primarily on imported goods in that regard.


Delion’s inhabitants primarily consists of descendants from the original tribes, usually
tanned by the sun, with dark hair and dark eyes.
They are known for a cheery attitude, love of song and fine food and drink, and devotion
to their religion, based around the belief that their first empress, Selienne, is a child
of the gods themselves.
It is not difficult to befriend the Delionese, and they are eager to share their thoughts
and ambitions with others.


Delion’s culture is one of merrymaking, decadency and religion. At least this is the case for
the nobility. The latter of the three, however, also holds true for the peasantry, religion
being an important aspect of everyday life.
The royal line descended from divine empress Selienne is believed to be sacred, and they are
themselves worshipped like demigods at the side of the Lifegiver. At all times, the regent
of the empire is the eldest daughter of the previous empress, the empire’s belief being that
the previous empress’ spirit lives on in her daughter upon death, in a form of reincarnation.

The gap between the rich and the poor is vast in Delion, even compared to most other nations.
The nobles of Delion are few, but own enormous stretches of land, command great military forces
and hoard treasures few normal citizens can dream of.
The peasantry, on the other hand, rarely have much property of their own, all but owned by their
overlords. The merchant caste is somewhat better off, but they rarely muster substantial fortunes
on their own regardless because of rather stern taxes.
Mercenary work, on the other hand, is a lucrative business in Delion, with many feuding nobles
scheming against one another, and no taxes to speak of. The life of a sellsword in Delion has
been romanticised by many a bard over the years.
Unlike the Rindorian empire to the north, Delion has embraced the tradition of slavery, an
important part of the spoils of war being the captured soldiers and civilians belonging to
enemy lands. Slaves are widely used as servants and currency, and many households and businesses depend on
them to keep things going in everyday life.


Delion, like its Rindorian foes, is known for its great military might, the ground trembling under
the countless boots of the Imperial Guard. Previously suffering from overpopulation, the nobles
of Delion were partly delighted at the notion of war with their northern neighbours, providing
much needed depopulation of the golden plains.
The main bulk of the Delion military forces consists of conscripted peasants and slaves hoping
to earn their freedom in battle.
Backing the masses of armed commoners are the Imperial Guard, donning medium armour consisting
of scales, mail or heavy leather, usually sporting great shields. The Imperial Guard is known
for its remarkable coordination in battle, and soldiers are trained from a young age to
function as a unit, moving seamlessly through various formations on the field to adapt to
virtually any situation.

The elites of the legion are the Templars, chosen sons and daughters of nobles sent out to war.
They wear heavy golden plates and masks that depict their ancestors in front of their faces.
Part from the mercenaries they often employ to bolster their ranks, it is the only part of the
military that will accept women into its fold, as they believe that the noble blood and blessings
of the divine empress herself is stronger than the muscle of any man.
The empire of Delion is currently at war with the Rindorian empire and their allies, and have
urged the nations of Teliore and Nanbi to aid them in their plight to enlighten the world.
For now, the two nations are content with pitched battles and skirmishes in the borderlands,
but words circulate on lips abound that mighty blows will soon be exchanged between the great


Galdon Ibinoth