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Galdon is a large subcontinent housing eight great nations, five of which are part of either the Rindorian or the Delionese Empire, two great powers currently in conflict over the fate of Galdon as a whole. On the outside, this conflict appears to be mainly religious in nature, the Delionese believing their Divine Empress to be a child of the venváe, the gods that protect the earth, whereas the Rindorians scoff as this idea, disregarding it as blasphemy.
The Rindorians seek to rid Galdon of the notion of a mortal ranked amongst the gods, while the Delionese have set their sights on converting non-believers to the ways of Divine Empress Selienne. There are those, though, who claim that the leaders of the empires do not care for religion and tradition as much as personal power and glory…


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