Ss savannah safari

Nanbi is the southernmost nation of the Delionese Empire. Freed from the tyrannical bonds of the Barangi to the far south, the Nanbian nation provides the Delionese with fierce warriors, exotic wares and a rich culture.


Nanbi consists of a gargantuan stretch of savannah, with the occasional patch of woodland here and there to provide relief from the scorching sun. It serves as the “bridge” to the great peninsula that houses the entire subcontinent of Galdon, and is ripe with bustling wildlife, mainly along the shores of Nanbi’s mighty rivers.
Nanbi is a very flat country, only a few mounds rising above ground level here and there. The savannah mostly consists of tall grass, providing excellent cover for predators and hunters alike as they stalk prey grazing peacefully on the great fields.


The Nanbian people are tall and dark of skin, scorched by the merciless sun of the south. They pride themselves in their strength and endurance, a warrior nation by heart. Nanbians are known to be both fearless and loyal, living by a proud warrior’s code of honour.
Previously a nomadic people, Nanbians have in recent times mostly converted their lifestyle to accomodate more permanent settlements, constructing cities and villages where they previously packed up their tents and moved with the herds of wilderbeasts across the savannah.


Nanbians take great pride in their background as a warrior culture. In earlier, more savage times, every member of Nanbian society was expected to hunt and fight for the tribe. Those who could not were cast out, a liability to their people. Vestiges of this tradition still remain, though the Nanbians of today have embraced a more civilized way of life, like most other peoples of Galdon.
Yet, shows of strength and competence remain important aspects of Nanbian culture. An important part of everyday life is competition, and Nanbians regularly schedule wrestling matches in the many arenas found in nearly every settlement, as well as archery contests and other tests of physical and mental prowess.

Everyone in Nanbian society are still expected to do what it takes in order to further their community’s well being. Gender roles are more or less obsolete in Nanbi, with the exception of positions of leadership being largely restricted to males. A female chief is unheard of in Nanbi.
The chief of a Nanbian community is elected democratically, rather than succession by blood. Nanbians choose the most competent leader amongst their ranks upon the death or retirement of the previous chief, and the new chief inherits the abode of his predecessor.
However, Nanbian chiefs cannot be promoted without the consent of the local Shaman. The Shaman of a Nanbian community is their spiritual leader, and it is said they commune with spirits beyond the sights of the common man. A Nanbian chief is not allowed to assume office without the consent of the spirit world, and therefore a Nanbian Shaman can be argued to be an even more politically powerful figure than the chief himself.
Nanbians hold the spirit world in high esteem, never forgetting that they are beholden to the spirits of nature for feeding and nurturing them. Harming, insulting or otherwise offending a Shaman is by many considered to be a punishable offense, in extreme cases leading to exile or even lynching.


Nanbian military has evolved a lot during the past few centuries. From virtually unarmored warbands sporting light weapons to mastering the art of smithing and equipping themselves with armour and weapons of solid steel, the Nanbian army is a force to be reckoned with. The pressure put on youth to perform well in physical excercises bears fruit in times of war, as almost every member of Nanbian society have been trained as competent warriors.
The typical Nanbian warparty consists of agile soldiers clad in light-to-medium armour, favouring mobility and speed over protection in many cases. They march to war with equally lightweight weapons, sporting swift, sleek spears, shotels and rawhide shields.
One of the most famous Nanbian weapons is the dreaded hungamunga, a spiked monstrosity that serves well as an effective ranged weapon as well as an intimidating close-quarters weapon.
The warcries of a Nanbian raiding party is known to send chills down the spine of even the most hardened of veterans.


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