Morning in a pine forest 1889

Teliore, also known as the Wildlands, consists almost entirely of a gargantuan forest, with the larger cities of the realm being found on the outskirts of the great woods. The majority of the population resides within the woods though, in villages and towns walled by great palisades to ward off the many beasts that lurk among the ancient trees.
Known for their mysterious nature and unmatched outdoorsmanship, Teliore is a more than worthy addition to the Delionese Empire.


Teliore is located in the northwestern reaches of the Delionese Empire, bordering on the great marshes of Valdrel. Consisting primarily of dense pine forests, Teliore is not a place for the unwary, as movement therein is difficult for the untrained, and it is easy to get lost between all the twists and turns of the narrow paths that snake their way across the forest floor.
The capitol itself is located outside of the woods themselves, located on a plateau overlooking the transition to the golden plains of Delion.


The people of Teliore are a fair-skinned lot, the majority of the population living sheltered from the sun inside the deep woods. Their hair colour usually comes in different shades of brown, and their eyes are mostly hazel or green in hue.
A proud nation of foresters and outdoorsmen, the people of Teliore favour dressing in simple, practical clothing that will not snag on branches or other inconveniences. The Telorians are known to possess near infinite patience, many attributing this to their habits of hunting wild game in the woods, sitting stationary for hours or even days while waiting for prey.
Telorians are usually men and women of few words, prefering to let their actions speak for themselves. They are not an unwelcoming people though, and the Delionese in particular are always welcome in Teliore, owing to their common history with Divine Empress Selienne I.


Telorians are for the most part a quiet and dignified people, not much for showing off or boasting of their deeds. However, they are usually kind and welcoming, their culture having a long standing tradition of being kind to strangers and visitors. The woods can be harsh towards those who do not properly prepare themselves for the outside world, and the Telorians know this, often offering a warm sleeping fur and hearty meal to strangers looking for a safe haven for the night.
Telorians tend not to take religion as close to heart as the other nations of the Delionese Empire, thinking of the Divine Empress as an important historical figure and hero, but somewhat distancing themselves from the notion of her being a divinely gifted demigod.

By no means do they speak against this claim or publically defame the Empress, however. They simply have a more down-to-earth perspective on most things, religion included. The Telorians have time and again proven to be some of Delion’s most dependable allies, and to this day there is no reason to suspect otherwise from the trusty forest dwellers.


It is said that Telorians can hear a stag’s heart beat from a hundred leagues away, then pierce it only moments later with their masterwork arrows. A nation of hunters, the Telorians are said to be unmatched in archery and camouflage, moving unseen through the underbrush until they are close enough to launch a barrage of deadly arrows onto their foes, then stealthily vanishing just rapidly as they revealed themselves.
Any Telorian is taught from an early age to string a bow, and the bow is the very symbol of the archetypical Telorian citizen.

Not much for direct warfare, Telorians adapt to their surroundings, using the terrain to their advantage whenever possible. They always fight on their own terms, never letting their enemies decide when or where to do battle. They strike from unexpected angles using shock and awe, unleashing swift barrages of arrows from ambush whenever possible. When forced to engage in direct melee, they brandish long spears, thick wooden shields and light hatchets.
Considering the rough terrain of Teliore, and the lack of metallic goods, Telorians rarely use heavy armour of plate, and swords are reserved almost exclusively for the nobility.
Most Telorian soldiers travel light, clad in leather armour dyed in natural colours to help them blend in with their surroundings.


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