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Valdrel is known as the land of shadow, where the sun seldom shines.
Its inhabitants are known to be pale, mysterious and morose,
seldom engaging in lengthy conversations with strangers.
Valdrel are close allies of the nation of Rindor, and are unofficially
incorporated into their empire, answering informally to their king
though they have a governor of their own.


Located in the southwestern reaches of Rindor, Valdrel consists of
a vast stretch of wetlands, with sporadic patches of farmland and
the occasional woods scattered across the landscape.
The marshes of Valdrel serves as an excellent natural hazard to
potential invaders, and as such, those who seek to launch an
attack at Rindor must either brave the treacherous swamps
or the mountain ranges of Dalder.


The inhabitants of Valdrel are a pale lot, with hair colour ranging
from pitch black to dark brown and all the way to a a snowy white, with azure or light green eyes.
They dress primarily in dark, padded clothes, blending in with the dim light of the
marshlands and dark woods of their homeland while being protected against the
moisture ever-present in the bog.
The people of the marsh are generally slow to trust people, as resources are scarce in
Valdrel, having led to many bloody betrayals in the past when the people were less
civilized. Remnants of this behaviour remains in the people still, and it is considered
customary to keep people at a distance until they are better acquinted with those they
associate with.


Valdrel is a land of mystery, its inhabitants quiet and elusive, rarely leaving the marsh.
There are those who look upon Valdrel as a land of myth and magics, claiming its inhabitants
practice magics and deal with unnatural forces.
The swamp-dwellers themselves usually scoff at this, thinking their Rindorian neighbours
as somewhat paranoid, an amusing fact seeing as Valdrel’s citizens themselves are a distrusted
They are known for their fierce loyalty once trust has been established, however.
There is a saying among Rindorians, that once trusted by a Valdrelian, one has
a friend for life.


Valdrel is known for their discrete warfare, generally prefering guerilla warfare rather than
direct battles. They generally favor light armour and ranged weapons, and are known for their
good aim, even in the fog banks of the marshes.
Valdrel supports Rindor in times of war, marching with their brethren into the fray with
armour of black leather and dark steel, brandishing sleek, thin blades made for precision
rather than brute force.
Moving swiftly across the battlefield, the soldiers of Valdrel are a feared force indeed.


Galdon Ibinoth