The white isles of Cylnware are known for their pale inhabitants, proud noble houses, maritime industry, and, perhaps most of all the infamous Cylnware College of Arcana.

Cylnware consists of a collection of isles off the eastern coast of Rindor and Dalder.
Two of these isles, known as Ahrot and Cespin, hold most of the population of this island nation. A collection of smaller islands are scattered across the neighbouring seas, but they almost invariably consist of smaller fishing communities with little political significance.

The two larger islands are large enough to support numerous towns, and the nation boasts an impressive military force for its relatively small geographical size. There is fertile soil, rich deposits of natural resources and relative stability in the region, making it a favourable place to live one’s life for certain.

One of the smaller islands of Cylnware is home to the College of Arcana, though despite the college undoubtedly being what the nation is best known for, there are no official ties between the college and the government of Cylnware. The college is, in fact, completely autonomous.

The inhabitants of Cylnware are mostly pale, with blonde or even white hair for the most part, however, seeing brown, ginger or even black hair is not uncommon. They are usually tall and lean, walking straight-backed with proud mannerisms.
Their dress often borders on extravagance, even among its less privileged citizens. Cylnwarians take great pride in outward appearances, and it is said they value presentation as much as content in all things.
Cylnwarians are prone to being proud on the verge of being arrogant in the eyes of outsiders. It is important to a Cylnwarian to display one’s accomplishments, and to show oneself in a favourable light. Should a citizen of Cylnware gain an unflattering public image, they would be likely to take it as a great personal defeat, moreso than an outsider would in many cases.

Cylnware is a land where mannerisms and appearance have been central to their cultural development. This is reflected in many of their customs and traditions. No matter how fine a dish might taste, it will likely be frowned upon should its appearance not live up to the actual quality of the meal.
Likewise, should a person approach dressed up as a tramp, he or she can expect to be treated as one, or perhaps even worse than one. Cylnwarians take their outward appearances very seriously, and not to take care of one’s appearance is regarded as offensive.
Many attribute this behaviour as a result of Cylnware’s prosperity. The country has never faced an all-out war as far as historians can remember, and only rarely have there been times when food or other resources were scarce. Practical-thinking members of other societies could easily be offended when a Cylnwarian scoffs at their dirty clothing, thinking them to be shallow and arrogant indeed.
This is not necessarily a sign that they are shallow and arrogant. There is logic behind their mannerisms, after all. It is regarded as only polite to attempt to look one’s best when one interacts with others. To groom oneself and put on one’s nicest clothes indicates that they take how they present themselves seriously, rather than showing disrespect by approaching them like a haggard beggar.

Honour is also an important part of Cylnwarian culture, and despite what could easily be mistaken for snobbish attitude could turn one’s view of them to that of an upstanding, admirable person.
A Cylnwarian will in most cases only believe anyone, including themselves, to be as good as their word, and as such it is rare that a Cylnwarian will give it lightly, or take the responsibility it carries with it lightly for that matter.

Deception, trickery and illusion are not looked upon as clever acts of manipulation among Cylnwarians, but rather as the tools of cowards. Cylnwarians tend to be outspoken, honest and not afraid of hiding their opinion from others. Such brutal honesty could easily catch a foreigner used to the subtle workings of social engineering off-guard.
This mindset clashes somewhat with their focus on manners and politeness however, and makes dealing with Cylnwarian officials and diplomats a strange affair to many.

Cylnware’s armed forces are formidable indeed, despite their limited landmass. The fertile soil has nurtured a solid standing army of men-at-arms and proud, noble knights that are prepared to fight for their country’s honour.

Most notably, Cylnware boasts what might perhaps be the most powerful naval force of Galdon, with a massive armada of masterfully crafted ships.
There are few who would dare to tangle with a Cylnwarian galleon manned by expert seamen, fierce knights and disciplined soldiers of the White Isles.


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