Rindor is one of the two massive nations dominating the continent of Galdon, the other one
being Delion. Consisting primarily of rolling green hills, the occasional mountain range and
large, forested regions, Rindor has an excellent range of natural resources and opportunity
for agriculture and keeping large amounts of livestock.
Known for being a land of chivalrous nobility, the first thing one thinks of when the word
“knight” is mentioned is the iconic image of a richly ornamented Rindorian cavalier. Rindor
is the main nation of the Rindorian empire, which includes Rindor itself, the marshes of
Valdrel and the mountain ranges of Dalder.


Rindor’s staple feature and iconic image in terms of landscape are its rolling green hills,
on which large herds of wild horses graze.
It encompasses a large geographical area, stretching from the southern borders of Rimheim
to the north to the marshlands of Valdrel to the west, and the mountains of Dalder to the south.
Rindor also houses the majority of the great cities of the Rindorian empire, and is known to
be a thriving hub of culture, trade and information all across the realm.


Rindor’s population is quite varied, given the vast area it covers. Skin-tones vary from pale
to markedly tan, with all shades of blue, green and brown eyes. Mixes of different ethcnicities
are not uncommon, and even people from distant Razheed and the northern reaches of Rimheim
have on occasion settled therein, mostly in the more densely populated areas.
Rindorians are known for their often righteous disposition, strong morals and valor in combat,
and seek to incorporate the rest of the continent into their empire. They have been successful
in absorbing both Valdrel and Dalder, previously independent regions, into their fold, and are
currently turning their eyes southwards, to the empire of Delion.


Rindorians are known to embrace many different cultures and traditions, adopting them into their
own. Their cities are melting pots of culture, and clothing, food and religion from all across
the continent flourish therein.
Rindor has a long and rich history, having evolved from barbaric tribes in times of old and into
the bustling hive of activity it has now become, first unified by the great king Dernon.
Rindorians are proud of their history, and take their noble heritage very seriously.
Blood is important to Rindorians, and it is taken for granted that prestigious individiuals
keep track of their roots. A man who can prove his heritage to stem from the nobles of old
has a head start in the Rindorian empire.


Rindor is known for its massive, many-faceted forces, encompassing both peasantry and nobility
from all reaches of the empire. They rely primarily on conscripted foot soldiers to bolster
their ranks, led into the fray by the noble caste.
The Rindorian nobility takes pride in their martial prowess, and it is considered proper to lead
from the front rather than hanging behind one’s forces in warfare.
Rindorian forces usually consist of rows of infantry, usually armed with pikes and close-combat
weapons, backed up by archers, with heavily armoured noble cavalry forming the elite portions
of the army.

Rindorian knights are covered from top to toe in specially fitted plate mail, and are regarded
as impenetrable engines of destruction atop their mighty steeds, trampling down all opposition.
Rindor is currently at war with Delion and their allies, gathering their allies to battle against
the empire across the southern border.
A few major battles have found place, but the empires are both clenching their cards tightly for
now, keeping a close eye on their borders.


Galdon Ibinoth