Soul Spark


A soul spark is the physical manifestation of the soul of those who are magically gifted, invariably in the shape of a small, glowing shard, like a small ember softly glowing as it lazily floats just above the palm of its owner, illuminating its immediate surroundings by the owner’s inner glow.
The soul spark is said to reflect a person’s very soul, and is known to come in a variety of hues reflecting that person’s personality and the nature of their magic. A hot-headed arcanist with a love for fire magic could be identified by a fiery hue to their soul spark, while a calm, calculating arcanist with a knack for water magic might have a ocean blue colour to their soul spark. A devoted priest blessed with the healing arts of the venváe may be in the possession of a spark with a pure white sheen, whereas one who delves into the cruel art of Blood Magic could possess a blood red glow to their spark.

The spark is the focus for a caster’s magical power. Without manifesting the spark, they cannot cast any spells, as they lack the means to bring the energy they conjure within themselves to the physical world.

|||Game Mechanics of Soul Sparks|||

A soul spark is needed in order to cast any kind of spell, regardless of a caster’s skill with the spell. Without the spark manifested, the caster cannot cast any spell regardless of the circumstances (unless the GM states otherwise, which it might, just because.)

A soul spark takes 1 second to manifest, and will remain within a 1ft proximity to its owner until it is dismissed, which also takes 1 second. The spark must at all times hover either
directly above the caster’s hand, or above belt level, on the outside of any clothing the caster might be wearing. The spark cannot be cleverly hidden by a cloak or any other kind of garment, though the caster could shield it with his/her hand, obscure it with a shield, etc.

The soul spark will always illuminate its surroundings with a glow corresponding with the general nature and/or casting preferences of its owner, shedding light equal to the illumination of a candleflame.

Soul Spark

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