Blood Magic

Blood magic is the forbidden art of using one’s physical essence in order to empower spells, drawing upon the blood of the caster in order to cast spells of a truly terrifying nature. It is believed to be closely related, if not directly a product of Demonology.
Blood magic is seen as an abomination by the Cylnware College of Arcana, and practitioners often find themselves hunted by their former comrades from the college should they delve into these cursed arts.

Blood magic is, sadly, easily accessible for those gifted with magical talent, as baring one’s soul to the world opens one’s senses to impressions common folk cannot possibly begin to comprehend. As a caster summons his Soul Spark, he can sense a faint, only barely noticeable impression from his very core, as if something within him or her is urging forth some hidden reserve of power. It is said that blood magic draws upon man’s primal evil, the corruption that originally gave birth to the seed of evil, and might as such be an even more ancient practice than demonology. Perhaps practicing blood magic is merely giving in to mankind’s true nature?

Those who stop and listen to the whispers of their blood quickly find that they on a basic, primal level know how to conjure power from within their blood, to burn their own blood in order to fuel nightmarish works of magic that are inaccessible to those who have not embraced blood magic as they have. Though the practice of blood magic burns away one’s physical health, and some claim it also mars the soul on an equal level, the results are as spectacular as they are gruesome.
A blood mage can inflict intense pain on its victims, making the blood of their foes boil in their veins, cause severe lacerations with a mere thought and other, even more gruesome feats of magic. Practicioners of blood magic are also said among arcanists to be more susceptible to demonic influence, blood mages being said to hear malevolent whispers in their minds as they become addicted to the use of blood magic, eventually driving them insane.

Blood mages almost invariably start out as an arcanist, though there has been mention of certain holy men falling for the temptation of power their blood presents them with. The lure of blood magic is subtle, and the vast majority recognizes it as the foulness that it is, but there are always some who stray from the “correct” path…

Blood Magic

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