Cylnware College of Arcana

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The College of Arcana is a massive fortress located in the island kingdom of Cylnware, sheltered from prying eyes by a seemingly impassable stretch of razor reefs that would surely tear any trespassing vessel asunder should they approach the isolated island on which the college nests.
The college is where young, gifted individuals are whisked away and taught the art of magic, to bend reality itself to their will and perform what the common man would refer to as miracles with the strength of their souls and ancient rituals passed down through generations of arcanists.

Children are taken to the college at a very young age, with or without their guardians’ consent, by adepts who seek out and bring those they deem gifted. Their means of locating these individuals is a mystery to this day.
When a child is taken to the college, they are told to forget their previous lives, for their future lies within arcane research and studies. From then, and until they graduate, they belong to the college, their classmates and teachers are their new family, and they are not permitted to leave.

As years pass, they are eventually presented with a test of their skills. Those who prevail are deemed worthy of the title of Arcanist, and a place in the college for life. They are free to leave if they so wish, and pursue their own goals, but should the college call upon them for any reason, they are bound to answer the call, lest they face the wrath of the college’s masters.
The college, while remaining a neutral force in regards to the politics of the outside world, have laws of their own, which they lay upon their students. Those who break these rules are considered enemies of the college, and can expect fierce retribution from the vengeful arcanist lords who rule it.

Arcanists are taught that arcana is not simply a tool or toy, but the arcanist’s very soul reaching out to manipulate the fabric of reality. This is a gift to be nurtured, appreciated and respected, and those who overstep their boundaries are bound to face dire consequences, as one’s exposed soul is a frail and vulnerable thing indeed.
Those who fall to temptation and darkness are considered vile by the college’s standards, practitioners of the easily accessible yet powerful and gruesome art of Blood Magic, pursuers of necromantic lore and those truly depraved few who seek contact with demons are all mercilessly hunted by the arcanists should they ever learn of their existence.
Despite their zealous pursuit of what appears to be a noble goal, however, there are those who whisper of dark and terrible things going on in the inner circle of the college.

There are those among the students who speak of vast libraries of forbidden knowledge hidden behind secret passageways in the darkest, forbidden sections of the college, where terrible secrets man was not meant to know are stored within vile, cursed tomes.
While the study of these tomes is forbidden and sacriligeous, they are important and powerful artifacts, and many believe that the inner circle of the college cannot bring themselves to destroy such an extensive collection of raw power…

Cylnware College of Arcana

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